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One of the best parts of my job is getting to watch my families grow from behind my camera lens.  This is a repeat client who happens to also be one of my first lifestyle newborn sessions!  This family has tons of natural light in their home which works wonderfully for lifestyle newborn sessions.  I always try to make sure I sit back and let the session just roll the way it is going to roll.  I like to get the “in between” shots and and with two other little ones, there was plenty of candid moments to capture.  It also allows siblings to be themselves and be free in their own surroundings while I photograph their new brother/sister.

I love capturing the little details!

Dad finally got his hunting buddy!

Awake and alert shots are some of my favorite!

I captured a similar shot not too long ago with Lily’s newborn session!

Thank you for letting me be a part of your story, again! 🙂

Any session that includes a little champagne is an o.k. session by me!  Little Penelope, aka “Poppy,” was an absolute angel for her session.  Her mommy, Amy, is a local fashion/lifestyle blogger (, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that she has a lovely home with adorable decor.  Their bedroom also let in tons of light with the big windows.  The nursery was neutral toned with pops of gold.   I love the mix of candid and posed this session allowed for, and I always love when the furbabies are involved. The family is moving this summer, so being able to capture these moments in this house before they leave is really special.  Enjoy!

Welcome home, Poppy!

Are you pregnant and considering hiring a newborn photographer? Overwhelmed with the thought of sifting through all of the different photographers in your area, their prices, packages, what is included, when to book, AAGH! It can be so confusing! I have put together this handy guide to help you narrow your decision.

General advice when choosing a newborn photographer:  

  • Make sure you like their style!  This is the same as shopping for clothes.  Certain stores are known for their style.  Don’t expect to go into Forever 21 looking for a style that is more like J. Crew.  Every photographer has a certain style of shooting and editing.  Check out their galleries on their websites, Facebook, or Instagram and get an idea of what they will deliver to you!
  • Go with someone with experience in newborn photography!  Again, don’t go to a dermatologist expecting them to fix your cavity.
  • Determine what is important to you.  Is it price? The number of digital images included in a package?  Ease of not having to leave your home/hospital room? Knowing what you value can help you narrow down your search based on what the photographer offers.

Here are some of the common options for newborn photography:




Hospital Provided Photography

  • Complementary session
  • Most budget friendly for images/products ($100-200)
  • No travel (they come to your room)
  • Quick session
  • Fast turn around on images


  • No control over choice of photographer (large company)
  • Timing may be rushed due to discharge
  • No choice over appointment time – may miss important moments like with new siblings
  • Limited options as far as posing (hospital furniture)
  • Needs natural lighting – hospital room may not have window

Fresh 48


  • You hire a photographer to come to the hospital room
  • Schedule the time that is convenient for you
  • Capture details of baby in hospital
  • More personalized than hospital provided photography
  • Time frame is usually 1-1.5 hours
  • Usually offered as an add-on to a studio or lifestyle newborn session
  • Price varies from $200-$800
  • Need natural lighting – hospital room may not have window
  • Limited options as far as posing (hospital furniture)

Studio Newborn Photography


  • Traditional posed newborn images (usually naked)
  • More customized & varied session with props on hand in studio
  • Professional photographers are trained on safety and posing of newborns
  • Lighting can be controlled with studio lights
  • Not in your home




  • Babies need to be less than 2 weeks old
  • Most photographers require you to travel to them (can be tricky after delivery)
  • Usually the most expensive ($200-$1000)
  • Usually the longest type of session (3-4 hours)
  • May not include sibling or parent portraits (check with your photographer)

Lifestyle Newborn Photography

  • At your home (no need to travel)
  • Easier with older siblings & pets
  • Quicker session (1-2 hours)
  • More candid approach
  • Captures personalized nursery
  • More moderately priced ($150-500)
  • Hybrid approach can incorporate props and minimal posing
  • Tells more of a story
  • Find out more about my lifestyle newborn sessions here.
  • Requires light de-cluttering of rooms photographed
  • Natural light needed
  • Not ideal if you do not like your home decor or do not have a nursery set up



Y’all.  This session might take the cake for my favorite in-home session thus far in 2018.  Here are a couple of reasons why.  First, this is a repeat client of mine.  I love that I get to document my families growing and meet their new nuggets! Second, can we talk about adorable kids? They have the best eyes and hair!  Third, this kiddo slept.the.whole.time.  The whole time.  It might go down as one of the fastest sessions I’ve ever done.  Fourth, being a mom of boys myself, I do love some brotherly love! And lastly, this is the perfect example of how to have a lifestyle newborn session with an older toddler.  Little man did NOT want to have anything to do with pictures.  My attitude towards that is, cool.  Let’s roll with it.  There is no point in forcing a young child to sit and look pretty.  That is not what they are made to do! So, in my sessions, I try to calm the parents nerves and say, “they’ll get in some.. just wait..”  What this meant for this family was him playing in his play room and bringing them all sorts of fun cars, toys, and requesting snacks.  But, it was the inquisitive nature of this toddler that kept me snapping pics.  He lovedddd looking at his little brother.  By the end of the session, without prompting I might add, I had little brother in a crate and big bro just walks over and starts pointing at his toes.  He was saying how little his toes were and was trying to count them.  Then, he sat, and compared his toes to little brothers.  It was! And this is why I am a self-proclaimed “over shooter.”  If I had just stopped and packed up my camera, I would have missed all of this! Love it!! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Thank you, Andres family, for continuing to allow me to capture these moments of your life!

Oh little Claire.  She was almost a month old when this session happened, and that is another reason why Lifestyle Newborn Story Sessions are awesome.  By “typical” newborn studio standards, babies need to be under 12 days old in order to achieve the naked, posed positions that you see all over the internet.  I use to do these sessions, and they would take up to 3 hours to try and have these perfect positioned babies.. only to have the baby poop, pee, or cry and you have to start all over.  It just isn’t real life.  But, Claire’s mom really wanted some more posed-type shots but did not care for the naked baby type of posing.  I’d say we nailed it…thanks to a pretty chill baby and an 80 degree+ home (we were alllll sweating..haha).  And I have to admit, I do love her in these pink set ups.  She is just too cute! 🙂  Since we did this session at their home, it was an easy way to grab a family shot outside perfect for their Christmas cards 🙂  Welcome home, Claire.  Here is a bit of her story:

baby posed in basket in home sessiondetail shots newborn session in basketblack and white baby in basketin nursery mom and dognursery image with mom and dad holding babybaby in crib with dad holding newborn sessionbaby in crib newborn sessionmom dad and baby in holding newborn hands in cribfamily session with newborn outside homefamily with newborn