Ok, where were we?  If you missed my last post, it recapped some of my favorite images from early 2014.  We are almost to summer where these pick up!


You know when you meet people and you just instantly click?  That is what happened with this family.  They were so down to earth and up for whatever, it made the session go so smoothly.. not to mention their daughter is gorgeous.. seriously.  She wasn’t a fan of being naked.. that’s for sure.  We had to make due with lots of wrapping and set-up changes!

newborn photography fuquay-varina nc

This little bundle of cuteness was a Belly to Baby baby, so I had already met their mom and dad previously.  This was the first time I tried a baby on a prop like this… no worries.. safety precautions were taken.  Mom was sitting literally a hands distance away just in case he was startled.  Since he was a pretty chill baby, this pose worked for him.  If he had been more alert, I wouldn’t have even attempted it.  Newborn safety is my #1 concern.:)newborn photography fuquay-varina nc

This mom came in for a newborn session and she wanted a canvas collage of all these sweet baby parts.  I thought it was a fantastic idea.  I put together a canvas image, and after several emails and adjustments later, this is what we came up with.  I should really give mom credit here — her canvas collage composition is way better than my original:) I love the belly button in the middle! What a great addition to a nursery to treasure! newborn collage fuquay varina nc

This is the sweetest picture to me for a few reasons.  One, this is a dear friend of mine who is absolutely the sweetest person I have ever met in my life.  Second, her and her husband tried really hard to get pregnant several times, one time even succeeding with twins only for it to end in heartbreak.  She was able to get pregnant again and finally got the baby she had prayed for.  lifestyle newborn session fuquay varina nc

Ok, I’m getting mushy here writing these posts.  I met this mom for a maternity and then newborn shoot.. if you come to the studio you’ll see her cutie pie on a canvas!  She wanted to have an in-home shoot to get some updated pictures.  One thing she particularly said was that her girl was getting so big that soon she wouldn’t be nursing anymore and wouldn’t want to be rocked like a baby.  I loved that I could capture this eye contact so mom could always remember her baby!
8 month photography session fuquay varina nc

Mommy and Me Sessions!  This was the first time offering mommy and me sessions and I thought they were so fun and cute.  It is so important for moms to be in pictures with their kids.. how often are we always the ones behind the camera!
mommy and me session fuquay varina ncmommy and me session fuquay varina nc

My baby turned 2!  This wasn’t a real session.. more like, “hey Jacks, put this shirt on, come on, let’s go outside as the sun is setting..”  I love his eyes here.  His hair needs a cut.. and his face has filled out so much more.. But, I can feel his silliness coming through.  Love you, sweet boy!family photography fuquay varina nc

Coolest dad award.  Seriously.. a motorcycle at a newborn shoot..OK!:) Dude even has his own little newborn leather jacket.. This was another Belly to Baby couple.. they were featured in the last blog.. she was the one who had a maternity session and there was snow on the ground.. not typical in NC.. newborn photography fuquay-varina nc

Look at this little serious face.. what a cutie pie.  This family actually ended up being up the road neighbors of ours and always have great ideas for their sessions.  They have this super cute firetruck that they brought for his newborn and his Christmas pictures.. what a great memory to see how he has grown up using the same prop!
newborn photography fuquay-varina nc

These 2 girls were one of my very.first.newborns… because when you’re starting out, you should totally take on twins…. *sarcasm.. I don’t advise it.*  :) They were super adorable though.. slept like champs during that session and really made me fall in love with newborn photography.  Their momma wanted some updated pictures of them, and look how sweet they look! family photography fuquay-varina nc

I feel sorry for these final 2 kiddos.. their moms are teachers.  They are not going to be able to get away with anything..:)
newborn photography fuquay-varina ncnewborn photography fuquay-varina nc


Stay tuned for part 3 of my favorite images from 2014!

If you like what you see, please consider booking a session with Amy Fansler Photography!  Questions? email Amy directly at amyfanslerphoto@gmail.com!

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Let me tell you a little story about how my life was different between the first and second kid..

first kid: blogged EVERY.LITTLE.THING.  It is literally his baby book.

second kid: oh gosh..I think he..uh.. yea, I have no clue.. I’m relying on Facebook and TimeHop to tell me when he did stuff.


first kid: pictures of him at every stage.. any time he did anything.

second kid: maybe he has a picture… if his brother is in it.


It isn’t that I love my second kid any  less.. that is not possible.. my heart grew an extra size to accommodate his sweetness.  But, you go from having a 2-1 ratio to all hands on deck. Things just slip through the cracks.  So, I totally understood this mama’s need for pictures of her cute baby boy (the second kid).  He needed some time to shine alone.. and boy he did.  He was all giggles and smiles.  :)8 month baby
8 month baby8 month baby8 month baby8 month baby

Milestone Mini Sessions are great for any aged baby!  Book yours today!

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Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, I’m ready for some newborn goodness!


If you are expecting in January or February, you can book a newborn session now and save $50 on your photography package! This special will be available until Feb. 1st, so act now!  Due to the time constraints of newborn photography, I only offer a few sessions each month to insure that the week surrounding your due date is available.  I cannot guarantee I can work you and your family in if you book once your little one arrives, so it is best to plan ahead and get on my calendar!  Need more information?  email Amy at info@amyfanslerphotography.com

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Sweet, sweet Grayson is already 3 months old with some pretty awesome hair.  His mommy and daddy had a maternity session this summer and then I got to meet the little guy for a newborn session.   This is probably the thing I love most about being in this branch of photography — I love watching families grow!  It is amazing how much they change in such a short period of time!  3 months is a tricky time because they are still working on their head control, but we were still able to get some really cute shots of him!

Here is a look back and his parent’s maternity shoot…

maternity2maternity gownmaternity

And Mr. Grayson — newborn sweetness…
newborn boynewborn boy 2

And this guy is now 3 months old!

3 month3 month3 month


A Milestone Mini Session is PERFECT for the time between newborn and toddler and is only 30 minutes long — which is plenty for their tolerance of me clicking a camera in their faces!  Book a session now!  info@amyfanslerphotography.com

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In re-doing my website, I lost all of my posts… or at least all of the images for my posts (which is pretty much what a post is for..).  I have decided to recap 2014 and share some of my favorite images from each session so you can get an idea of the fun I had in 2014.:)


First, this family is adorable.  There is nothing better than the joy experienced as a kid than when you are swinging.  This little boy wanted NOTHING.. I mean, NOTHING to do with me.  I hid behind trees.. I made silly faces.. I tried to dance a little…. nothing.  But, on literally the last picture we took, this happened.  Mom and dad made it a canvas.. and shoot, I would have too.  Love it.

family portrait


This lady is truly an inspiration.  She went through a crazy year medically and came out a survivor.. stronger, determined, and happy.  It was a pleasure meeting her and hearing of her journey!portrait


If you come to my studio, you’ll see this guy hanging on the wall.. because he is just that cute. This is my hairstylist’s son (shout out Cameo Salon in Fuquay – ask for Terra.. she’s amazeballs).  I took his newborn portraits and these are his 6 month portraits.  He was barely sitting up on his own, so what you don’t see is mom to the right ready to push him back up to sitting. Ha.  But seriously. How cute is he?!six month

Just a typical maternity shoot in February…. except there was snow on the ground.  Definitely a first.. North Carolina doesn’t see a lot of snow, but OF COURSE it would snow the days leading up to an outdoor maternity session.  This couple was a blast and has since moved away from NC, but you’ll see an image of their newborn shoot in a later post;)maternity

One of my dear friends had her baby this year.. and she was more in favor of a lifestyle newborn session because she wanted to include the dog (she’s a little obsessed with bulldogs.. but come on.. look at that fella.. he is enough to make me even want one.. I think she said she has literally only gone a week of her whole life without a bulldog..) ANYWAY, this is from his nursery and now the big guy is walking.. crazy!lewie

Daw.  My niece is the one wrapped pretty in pink and the two handsome boys are mine.  She is the first girl grandbaby of the family and these two boys love her to pieces.  And, she will obviously be spoiled this Christmas by everyone (her Aunt Amy included).  Love you, Anna Louise!boys and anna

This little boy yawned more during his session than any other newborn I have ever photographed.  I think I got just as many sleepy faces as I did yawning faces. Ha.  His big brother came along too and was SO proud to be a big brother.. love it.  And, I have a real soft spot for red heads..so obviously he is a favorite.;)

Stay tuned for the next set of favorites from 2014!


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